Every client is different, with different needs that require varying lengths of time participating in therapy. This is your therapy and you, of course, get a say. The overall aim is for you to feel better and get back to your life showing up the way you want. Once clients meet their goals therapeutically, some feel they are ready to move on, but many choose to consider checking in with their therapist occasionally as a tool to stay balanced and on track. Therapy is not exclusively for the tough times. It is extremely useful when life is going well, but you desire help keeping your new skills crisp, examining blind spots, and finding growth opportunities.

will i be in therapy forever?

Once you have made the decision to see a therapist, you may still have feelings of apprehension stir up in you. Take a deep breath, and be comforted knowing these feelings are completely normal. Therapy is a shared process and journey. I will listen carefully, ask thoughtful questions, offer insight and suggestions, teach you new skills, anticipate setbacks, and assess progress as you move towards the life you want. During the initial session, you will begin sharing your story, discussing your thoughts about your goals, and how you would like to see change happen. We will begin to devise an agreed upon treatment plan, including how often we will see each other. It is important to remember that coming to therapy consistently is integral to steady progress that realizes the best possible outcome for your success. 

What can I expect from therapy?

Since scheduling an appointment involves the reservation of time set aside especially for you, a minimum of a 24 hours' notice is required for rescheduling or cancellation of your appointment. Sessions canceled within 24 hours are subject to $75 fee. I completely understand that emergencies do come up, but please know that a last minute missed appointment does not leave an opportunity to fill that time slot with someone who is on the waitlist and wants to be seen. I will give my best effort to be mindful of your time and appreciate that courtesy in return. Sound like a deal?

what is your cancellation policy?

In order to provide affordable access to care, I am an in-network provider with several large insurance companies, including Aetna, BlueCross BlueShield of Texas, Cigna, and UnitedHealthcare. You can also check your benefits and options to see if your insurance provider will reimburse out-of-network services.

do you accept insurance?

Private pay sessions are $150 for up to 50 minute sessions. 

What is the cost per session?

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do you have a specialty?

I provide in-person sessions in Decatur, Texas and teletherapy services to men and women residing all over the States of Texas, Oklahoma, and Florida who are struggling with many different concerns and issues.

Due to personal and lived experience, my areas of focus and expertise are in trauma, anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), and other related disorders, including all the thought and behavior patterns that accompany the unintended risks of playing it safe - avoidance, panic, rumination, indecision, reassurance seeking, perfectionism, procrastination, codependency, low self-worth, and absence of self-compassion.

i'm a christian, shouldn't i be able to deal with my problems through reading my bible?

God uses many ways and people for support when we suffer. Knowing God through the Scriptures is necessary and important. When it comes to mental health, it is wise and good to seek a trained and skilled therapist who has been called to this specific work to help navigate challenges.

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I provide compassionate therapy and coaching to anyone who desires to confront their mental health struggles and is committed to doing the hard work the process requires. My practice is not limited to only those who believe the same way I do.