How do I know I'm ready for something different?

you feel like you have been misunderstood by other professionals

you are ready to do the work to make the change

you've picked up faulty narratives and beliefs 

you seem to be repeating unhealthy patterns

you feel stuck

You are operating out of survival mode

you don't feel like you're functioning at 100% or maybe anywhere close, for that matter

you seem to have a shorter fuse than usual, and you're reacting rather than responding

you feel alone and isolated

you feel overwhelmed and emptied out

you are at a place where you understand you need to make time for your mental health and overall wellbeing

One of the biggest predictors of successful therapy is how connected you feel to your therapist. Not all therapists will be a great fit for everyone, and that is perfectly okay. But if you are feeling a connection after scrolling through my site and are ready to make a change, click the button below to get started on your path to thriving.

How It Works

first this

Schedule an appointment with me via the online scheduler, or shoot me a message with your questions.

then this

You'll receive a confirmation email with next steps for your first session. Make sure to check your junk mail!

finally this

You will be sent the intake paperwork (again, make sure to check that junk folder). You will need to digitally sign some documents and tell me why you're coming. Then, give yourself a big pat on the back for taking this step forward.

for change to happen to you,
for someone to tell you you're enough,
for life to calm down,
for seasons to change.
Joy is achieved when you stop putting your life on hold and live in the present moments that God has given you, even when it's different than how you want it to look. 

You've already come so far! Don't stop now. Life can be so much more if you make room for the uncertainty and discomfort of it all.

Stop waiting for Mondays,